Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Current events in the world of politics.....kinda....well not really.

I remember a day were i used to skate every single day and live a life of non-stop gnarlage and ripage(what ever is hip with the spuds these days) now ive got college, photography, filming, girlfriend and overall responsibilty hahaha.
Lucky for a one Luke Ryan he gets to pop these bad boys out whenever he see fit:

And mr.David Flood popped out a nice little sequence, oh not recently though, i just wanna show you that he isnt just a lazy useless sack of shite:

Also Fogo rips on tranny.

In other news Crafty Beggers is due to have another exhitbition on Novemeber 7th, more news will follow that so keep your eyes peeled.

Also good friend of S.CA.G, lucan fagot, chain smoker and boggin photographer Oisin O'Grady now rides for Axe Disturbutions. GOOOO get em Ois!

And recently went on a lil Photography session with no other than Richy gilligan (http://www.richgilligan.com/) to get photos wth Keith Walsh, great weather was had and hammers where laid down. so we can be expecting the next issue of the wizard in the next coming months!

Think I'll go gorge my face with food now.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fashion by Fogo

Fogo has been hard at work with the scissors and sewing machine. After days of cutting, sewing and watching queer eye for the straight guy he perfected it.
Isnt it just fAAAAbulous?
Sadly, fashion critics didnt think so. They crucified him in their reviews. Now fogo spends his days alone in Abrakababra, drinking his sorrows away, washed up:Meanwhile, Alex, the russian skating cosmonaut is back in Ireland skating, causing mayhem and making fun of midget photographers:

Friday, September 5, 2008


hey peeps dvds are in the mix and are being produced really soon.
as u can see michael is waiting for his copy.
and there will be another hello premiere, WITH SOUND THIS TIME HAHAH

coming ohhhh so very soon

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


awrigh blokes n chungones

havent really blogged in awhile due to being getting druk and not giving a fuck about the blog.

but u here waiting so i have decided to come back to you all.


Theres me thinking i'm a midget

and btw cian eades is the reasonhell hasnt frooze over, cos this kids on fire.....huh...huh.....fuck this i don't have to entertain you,
que the edit: