Friday, July 25, 2008


hey guys sorry about the lack of posts of late
as you can see ive been on the piss:

but I am here to relieve, heres an edit from ciaran hughes:

featuring: s.c.a.g's own Anto Thornberry and David Flood

Monday, July 21, 2008

another s.c.a.g blanch sesh!

Awrigh guys and lady guys,
Today was a good ole rutting tutting s.c.a.g sesh down in blanch. was pretty hella-bitching:

Now look into Fionns eyes!!!!!

OH and....
Dar's video is premiering on saturday the 26th of july (just incase you didnt realize what month it is) at kings of concrete.

for more info on that e-mail Dar at: (yes yes thats his real e-mail address).
And finialy,
Ciaran and Dar started an awesome band so expect number one hits in the near furture *cough* coming from these two:

cough indeed.....

before we go where is michael this week?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

bout fucking time

stay tuned for more info

Saturday, July 19, 2008

long time no S.C.A.G

Hey boys and girls and welcome to another infamous super cool blog.
Have'nt been posting in awhile well basically because we have had fuck all to blog about.

First off I'd like to mention has anyone seen John (lil john) Martins sex ass motha funking hardflips?, if not they go a little something like this:

That very day we met up with Keith Walsh who as usual was ripping the rails apart:

I'd write something more witty but Im tired and want to to go to bed as my eyes are falling out of my head:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

floodys belief! more like fucking fact!

floody sez fice in the poo

lads at oxygen

floody mikey and anto just got back from oxygen.

They thought it was right good crack:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday, July 13, 2008

you would kill for this!

i don't think a caption is needed...

this is so nesscary

So I have decided to make a collection of pictures of my hero

heres aido and some english brod we came across at antics.

Heres Aido enjoying one of Daires many texts in his inbox(was the only message and it was from his mam).

Ohhh Aido you sly dawg.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Dublin Youth

Todays S.C.A.G blog will be opened by some s.c.a.g history from Timmy Nolan:

Now todays S.C.A.G blog:
Well lads and lasses, another day of S.C.A.Ging, another day of S.C.A.G. blogging! Today me, Dar and Fogo started our skating at Dame's Street where we had to stop skating after a while because, yes you guessed it, it rained. After it dried up, however, Fogo got in a pretty good line but he ruined it when he said he liked Heaven more than Antics. Dar raped him. I think he learned his lesson. ^ ^ ^

Shortly enough afterwards and a very romantic mcdonalds meal,

we went to Portobello and met up with the dublin spuds. These lads rip but seem to attract the guards. Not even a second after they reached the Portobello square with one of those barrier rails from down the road, the guards came. Getting nicked seems to be all the rage these days:

So those guards kicked us out of there, after that we went down to the red ledge 7 stair where the spuds start to rip. Charlie switch ollied it like it was nothing:

and then got so close to an unusually high pop shuv-it:

DJ also ollied over the rail and young Philly tried to tre flip it for an ice-pop off Dar:

While we were up on the roof of the newsagents across the road from red ledge where Dar was getting an angle to film Charlie ollieing the gap, Sean decided to climb down to the storage yard of the newsagents where he stumbled across a crate of "free" powerade. We all had a good feast on that ole powerade:

Dar learned a few lessons today:
1) "Ice-pops, the childrens currency"

2)Don't wear Denny's hat like this:
3) Nick nacks end up with you getting shot by a high-powered lazer beam, yeahhhhh:
All in all, a good day. Until next time, stay classy Dublin.

Backstreet Boys are back

Passing pedestrians had the delight of seeing the re-uniting of the greatest boy band ever, ever. This is what happens when it rains...

Friday, July 11, 2008

uneventful thursday post on a friday morning

sttooorrryy boyzzzzaa

yesterday, oh god yesterday was dreadful.

We started the day off in lucan skatepark where I met up with scene kid Martin and s.c.a.g blog enthuasist Ciaran. Weather was looking quite hopeful even Denny was looking in his joyful mood and John was even throwing in the odd word or too.

Ciarans delightful mood had everyone cheery as a tenis player with a new racket:

Denny was warming up with some stomping switch fs flips:

Oh yea Martin skated too....:

Eventually we headed town and met up with Keith Walsh.

after a lenghty arguement to where to go film, guess what, thats right. It rained ole "il pleut" to end a day of skating. We pretty much spent the rest of the day in smelly and shitty fast food restaurants.

Overall another crappy Dublin thursday.

I for one spent my night with this delicious man and went to see cadence weapon:

Im out!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

fogo ripping, dar nicked and fran has chicken!

awrigh lads n bbz's. Ciaran did the story for the blog today(see below), so im just dropping by to drop some videos of Fogo ripping n junk.

Today was quite uneventful as it rained til like 6 o clock and plus i got harrassed by garda for looking sinister with a camera and tried to get my tape taken. The only person who had me entertained was this chap:

He's pretty much the reason we got fucked out of everywhere we went.


) Put a security tag in fogos hood as we were walking out of h&m.

) threw chicken off the balcony at kfc, thus getting us kicked out of the whole shopping center.

) started on people in french!

) and shot spitballs at foreigners all day.

Gotta love em.

In other news Fogo was tearing it up. Even though all i hav is his second degree footy but i havta say his section is really really going to be something to look forward to, especially seen as he's suporting Martin O'Grady's crappy footage. And I hvta admit the little fucker is consistent:

SO.... heres Fogo (set cringe-o-meters to stun!):

Imagine waking up to this face on a rainy Wednesday morning...
well me Fogo and Fran had to. After Staying in G1 for a while realising the rain wasn't gonna ease off anytime soon we decided to go to KFC. When we got there we were greeted warmly by Colonel Sanders... thats right, Colonel fuckin' Sanders. But Colonel Sanders wasn't too happy to find out that Fran was throwing his chicken carcasses off the balcony, in fact he was pissed:

.So he fucked us out of his restaurant AND the shopping centre that it's in Eventually we got on our way to skate the carpark in St Stephens Green. Fogo was extaticly with this ... as was i! Fogo got a line flimed in the carpark which Dar will post later. After skating the

carpark for a while and getting kicked out by some sort of anti-S.C.A.G. nazi tosser... Dar was really upset by this but all his misery was overwhelmed by his stokeage when he found his dream board.... thats right... it's Zack Efron from highschool musical!!
Fran likes to BOUNCE!
After all this stokeage we went outside to face relity.. the reality that it was still pissing!!

EVENTUALLY it dried up and we got to skate :-D here's Fogo trying to get a line in:

Aaaaand here's Daire getting nicked for filming...

I guess they thought he had some illegal stuff on his tape because they checked it, luckily he didnt have his home production of two girls and one cup tape in the camera at the time...
Later on Fogo "got " this steezy wallride down a 5 set.

The day ended with a bit of S.C.A.G lovin' and a pat on the back for Fogo:

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As promised the John O'Gorman rolling his ankle footage.

oh these summer days

well folks another day another s.c.a.g blog for your viewing pleasure(not so much for you haters).

Just thought I start this blog off with a big congratulations to David Flood who has reached a perfect cringe level 9. The whole crew is very proud of David and know he will be cringing for many more days to come. Oh and his crappy section in the s.c.a.g video "Hello" will be for your viewing very soon.

In other news I was out filming with Denny today for last touches up on his section. John O'Gorman was out, as was Pukey Lukey. Sadly 5 minutes into filming john rolled his ankle (being posted very soon) and was left limping, what a way to start off your weeks vacation from work.

Ive been also filming with Paddy Murphy, who recently got some coverage in kingpin magazine. Well done Paddy. Paddys footage is currently being kept for future projects but all you need to know now is He's ripping.

time to sleep knowing..

I am finially off to bed knowing Floodys believes are hard in my mind:

5 IN THE POO!!!!

God bless you David.

Thine Lazer Whom Ejected Itself From Ones Back Passage

On one S.C.A.G outing in particular Dar and Fogo were attempting to roll down a hill in some sort of tandem human wheel but as they were about to start their rollin'.... Fogo's arse turned into a mouth with eyeballs on it's lips that shoots lazers out of it's mouth and shouts "IMMA CHARGIN' MAH LAZER!!"... Don't believe it? well the un-editted photo doesnt lie. Anyway the whole thing ended with Mikey and Floody farting bare-arsed into Fogo's eyes.... Genius

wash your bum!!!


In the words of the black women me and Ciaran encountered at this particular area on the 5th of July: "DAAAYYYUUMMMMM"
As you see in the above, we were waiting for Anto Thornberry to come out of Blvd skateshop when this polish chap gets out of his van and starts clamping on this beautiful BMW.
Was such a heartbreaker to passers by some ole fella (older than fionns ma) threw two stink bombs into the clampers open window of his van.

Ciaran got the blame, and was told by the polish clamper to wash his bum.

man in shower
as you can imagine Ciaran went home and did just that.


I would like to just remind myself that in about 2 years we'll look at all this shite we're writing and cringe.thank you

live long and prosper

Monday, July 7, 2008

let the s.c.a.g blogging begin

bonjour folks!
I just thot it was about time the "super cool anto (soon to be awesome if i get my way) gang" joined in on this whole blog craze.

Sooooo... first thing i thought i would post is a peadophile gag....

michael n kids
There ya have it. (sorry Nicolai)

But all the S.C.A.G heads will be recieving the password to throw crap up on here.
so eehhhhh yeah!

And at the moment editing for the video is going swimmingly, Just waiting on contributing filmers and we are good to go.