Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Dublin Youth

Todays S.C.A.G blog will be opened by some s.c.a.g history from Timmy Nolan:

Now todays S.C.A.G blog:
Well lads and lasses, another day of S.C.A.Ging, another day of S.C.A.G. blogging! Today me, Dar and Fogo started our skating at Dame's Street where we had to stop skating after a while because, yes you guessed it, it rained. After it dried up, however, Fogo got in a pretty good line but he ruined it when he said he liked Heaven more than Antics. Dar raped him. I think he learned his lesson. ^ ^ ^

Shortly enough afterwards and a very romantic mcdonalds meal,

we went to Portobello and met up with the dublin spuds. These lads rip but seem to attract the guards. Not even a second after they reached the Portobello square with one of those barrier rails from down the road, the guards came. Getting nicked seems to be all the rage these days:

So those guards kicked us out of there, after that we went down to the red ledge 7 stair where the spuds start to rip. Charlie switch ollied it like it was nothing:

and then got so close to an unusually high pop shuv-it:

DJ also ollied over the rail and young Philly tried to tre flip it for an ice-pop off Dar:

While we were up on the roof of the newsagents across the road from red ledge where Dar was getting an angle to film Charlie ollieing the gap, Sean decided to climb down to the storage yard of the newsagents where he stumbled across a crate of "free" powerade. We all had a good feast on that ole powerade:

Dar learned a few lessons today:
1) "Ice-pops, the childrens currency"

2)Don't wear Denny's hat like this:
3) Nick nacks end up with you getting shot by a high-powered lazer beam, yeahhhhh:
All in all, a good day. Until next time, stay classy Dublin.

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