Wednesday, July 9, 2008

fogo ripping, dar nicked and fran has chicken!

awrigh lads n bbz's. Ciaran did the story for the blog today(see below), so im just dropping by to drop some videos of Fogo ripping n junk.

Today was quite uneventful as it rained til like 6 o clock and plus i got harrassed by garda for looking sinister with a camera and tried to get my tape taken. The only person who had me entertained was this chap:

He's pretty much the reason we got fucked out of everywhere we went.


) Put a security tag in fogos hood as we were walking out of h&m.

) threw chicken off the balcony at kfc, thus getting us kicked out of the whole shopping center.

) started on people in french!

) and shot spitballs at foreigners all day.

Gotta love em.

In other news Fogo was tearing it up. Even though all i hav is his second degree footy but i havta say his section is really really going to be something to look forward to, especially seen as he's suporting Martin O'Grady's crappy footage. And I hvta admit the little fucker is consistent:

SO.... heres Fogo (set cringe-o-meters to stun!):

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