Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey People

Hey its that chap that wears top man and has a gay bruva and other crap, just read below.

Just letting u all know to hit up T.A.C, on tmro in the button factory, going be whopper buzz:

Sadly martin wont be there as he has found a new lifestyle,
and in between wrecking peoples heads and doing seriously shit at skating and spelling (chek his sponcer vid 2 kidz!) martin likes to chillax the only way he knows how, banging a couple of lads up the chuff:


Saturday, November 22, 2008

additonal filmers needed

due to scene diseasedaire carolan wont be out as much

if your feeling like you like topman,elctro smoking,gay bruvas,morrisey,and art

please report to your local GP immdeatly !!!

so if your intrsted in becoming and additonal filmer on the s.c.a.g team you must meet the following requirments

No art
must use rap in 80 % of edits
like the occasional slayer
must wear hat in a 90 degress fashion
rock out with your cock out
no topman
no gay bruvas
must be able to say mass
must have at least two additonal refrences (at least one from team snapshot !:) )

Thursday, November 20, 2008


While wer at the height of our popularity and seem to be doing a good job of keeping this here ole blog updated nicely.
I decided I'd upload a nice lil edit of all our buddies of scag:

I actualy got an email from umg (crystal castles label) and had to fight a legal battle for them not to take the edit down.
And we battered them :)
so enjoy!
Oh and in other news Brian Fitzpatricks(see video below) website WWW.SKATEDUBLIN.COM is back up and like the s.c.a.g blog is being updated regularly....only people will be reading there website.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Animation By Nicolai


Well i can honestly say this was the worst weekend of my life!
Nothing done! (well a little bit).
Me (see below)
Sean and

We have exactly 1 minute of useless footage so look forward to a super awesome edit :)

I reckon i got the best trick in Dublin that weekend. cowsuit ollie haha.
We must of spent 70% of the time in the cars.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Thats right!

dvds are here people!

and there 5 euro or tomatoes(don't be a smart arse and actuali buy me tamatoes).

S'it really!

Autumn is here and filming is in the process of getting done.
well not at all but we will eventually!
Oh and people need to go to this:

Novemeber 25th in the button factory