Friday, July 11, 2008

uneventful thursday post on a friday morning

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yesterday, oh god yesterday was dreadful.

We started the day off in lucan skatepark where I met up with scene kid Martin and s.c.a.g blog enthuasist Ciaran. Weather was looking quite hopeful even Denny was looking in his joyful mood and John was even throwing in the odd word or too.

Ciarans delightful mood had everyone cheery as a tenis player with a new racket:

Denny was warming up with some stomping switch fs flips:

Oh yea Martin skated too....:

Eventually we headed town and met up with Keith Walsh.

after a lenghty arguement to where to go film, guess what, thats right. It rained ole "il pleut" to end a day of skating. We pretty much spent the rest of the day in smelly and shitty fast food restaurants.

Overall another crappy Dublin thursday.

I for one spent my night with this delicious man and went to see cadence weapon:

Im out!

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