Tuesday, July 8, 2008

oh these summer days

well folks another day another s.c.a.g blog for your viewing pleasure(not so much for you haters).

Just thought I start this blog off with a big congratulations to David Flood who has reached a perfect cringe level 9. The whole crew is very proud of David and know he will be cringing for many more days to come. Oh and his crappy section in the s.c.a.g video "Hello" will be for your viewing very soon.

In other news I was out filming with Denny today for last touches up on his section. John O'Gorman was out, as was Pukey Lukey. Sadly 5 minutes into filming john rolled his ankle (being posted very soon) and was left limping, what a way to start off your weeks vacation from work.

Ive been also filming with Paddy Murphy, who recently got some coverage in kingpin magazine. Well done Paddy. Paddys footage is currently being kept for future projects but all you need to know now is He's ripping.

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