Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Imagine waking up to this face on a rainy Wednesday morning...
well me Fogo and Fran had to. After Staying in G1 for a while realising the rain wasn't gonna ease off anytime soon we decided to go to KFC. When we got there we were greeted warmly by Colonel Sanders... thats right, Colonel fuckin' Sanders. But Colonel Sanders wasn't too happy to find out that Fran was throwing his chicken carcasses off the balcony, in fact he was pissed:

.So he fucked us out of his restaurant AND the shopping centre that it's in Eventually we got on our way to skate the carpark in St Stephens Green. Fogo was extaticly with this ... as was i! Fogo got a line flimed in the carpark which Dar will post later. After skating the

carpark for a while and getting kicked out by some sort of anti-S.C.A.G. nazi tosser... Dar was really upset by this but all his misery was overwhelmed by his stokeage when he found his dream board.... thats right... it's Zack Efron from highschool musical!!
Fran likes to BOUNCE!
After all this stokeage we went outside to face relity.. the reality that it was still pissing!!

EVENTUALLY it dried up and we got to skate :-D here's Fogo trying to get a line in:

Aaaaand here's Daire getting nicked for filming...

I guess they thought he had some illegal stuff on his tape because they checked it, luckily he didnt have his home production of two girls and one cup tape in the camera at the time...
Later on Fogo "got " this steezy wallride down a 5 set.

The day ended with a bit of S.C.A.G lovin' and a pat on the back for Fogo:

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