Wednesday, August 20, 2008

s.c.a.g update

Good afternoon mature men of the establishment!
Today we bring yet another fine and interesting blog full of wohhh and mis-spellings :)

To start off things you'll be very happy to know that Daire didnt get filmer of the year at this years Irish Skater of the year. Congratulations to Reuben Shortt though, and Colm Noonan, joe hill, james black, Denis Lynn and no-show Gav Coughlan.

Sadly for us Daire didnt take the loss well and went ape shit round town swinging shoes belonged to a innocent shop called shoe rack.

In other news, Blanch park has become a bit of a scag park lately as we've be going there constintly.
and locals....

are pretty darn stoked!
Especially when gnarlage like this is going down:

but as always it gets ruined when the boo boo brigade has to show up:

Anyways stayed tuned for alot of footage coming that way real soon.

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