Monday, May 4, 2009



Seen as Slam City Skates make a music mix of there favorite songs every year and nobody over here is bothered there hole to we thought we would
throw together a mixtape of all the favorite scag tunes so here ya go:

prepmode - Ride & Swerve (Prepmode's ATX to Bmore Remix)
count n sinden - drop the pressure
proxy - dancing in the dark
joy division - disorder
Animal Collective - my girls
Donna Summer - i feel love
New Order - blue monday
N.e.r.d - she wants to move(i have turtle remix)
Wu Tang - Bring Da Ruckus
War - lowrider(dj kue remix)
Pharcyde - drop
E.L.O - sweet talking woman
Prince - Raspberry Beret
Mr. Ozio - flat beat
Afrikan Boy - One day went to lidl
Metronomy - I got a thing for you
R.E.M - nightswimming(kissy sell out bmore remix)
Chic - I want your love
Hot Chip - My Piano (dj kicks mix)
Velvet Underground - venus in furs
I Have Turtle 5 mins of fame 51.19:
Buraka Som Sistema - yah(count n sinden remix)
Pryda - Miami Alanta
Stardust - music sounds better with you(radio edit)
The Bloody beetroots - cornelius (oi mix)
The Count n Sinden - beeper
Bob Marley - Iron Lion Zion

Enjoy :)

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