Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Few Things

Skateparks have been a great asset to the striving Dublin skate scene but as popular as they are it somewhat kills the street aspect out of the average pushed younging skater.
So learn the tricks in the park then get the bus/car/horse/whatever to town and get craic'n. Theres loadsa places to go these days, yeah security can be a bitch but don't think thats ever stopped anyone haha.
Now if only i could take my own advice to start off with.

Scott Keegan 'ollie over Conor the Carver'

And remember kids if you skate street spots you'll end up big and strong just like Anto:

In other news bar anto's first S.C.A.G blog appearence this year, if you managed to catch David Flood as odd as he is you will clearly know the guy was fucking ripping this summer so i have compiled an edit of pretty much all the stuff i figured was doing him justice bar the stuff I'm keeping for later stuffs ;).
So here it is, David Floods crappest parts of the summer edit:

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