Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TTBTITWE: David " Fedge Stephenson

Welcome to another edition of Top Ten Best Things In The World Evers.
This time we are joined by Cork/Dublin/Barca local David Stephenson and to the people who know him "Fedge"

Hey Fedge how are you?
whats up man ?
u well ?

yeah man
you going to be a KOC this weekend?

ya man, can't wait...its always a good weekend

You bringing ur board obviously yeah?

i am indeed, i might stay up for a few days after the weekend
wanna skate new shit because there is only 2 parks down here[cork] and no one goes street skating!

Luke[Murphy] or any of the lads not ripping anymore?

ya luke is the one of the few who is down for street skating and getting footy
they do maybe one weekly mission

same here
rest of the time
its park...

Park is fun too but you need street skating to keep you sane

yeah big time, keeps u gnar, when u dont skate street for a while i think it makes u a bit of a pussy.

anyways fedge can you give me your top ten best things in the world evers for scag blog?

haha, 10 things ? i would love to do that, give me a few minutes to think of some though, its hard just off the top of my head

*5 mins later*

1. barcelona/berlin
2. summer time
3. front shuv's
4. drinking ice cold beers on a hot day
5. music with a nice beat that makes your head bop
6. any type of festival
7. EA Skate 3
8. Pool
9. Football
10. beautiful women

anything you want me to add to the end of this article?

peace, love and respect...enjoy the rest of the year and roll on kings of conrete!!!!