Friday, August 19, 2011


Welcome to a new segment on the blog where I will interview the younger skate generation and find out what it really is about spuds that we find so amusing or so fucking annoying, this will be the most interesting project since we found out Fionn lubricates himself with tears to masturbate. Lets read on...

Hey Andy, so to start off, whats your full name, where are you from, whats your age etc etc?
And how long have you been skating?

Name:Andrius Bruzas
From: Lithuania
Skating: For about 5 years now I think maybe more.

So Andy your kinda known for being one of the stand out spud in gtf, your always at their competitions and shit? Have you won any and how many if yes?

I think I won about 9 to 11 1st place in a row now

Wow, would you say your good for your age or is everyone else just crap?

Theres a lot of good people at my age aswell its just that in competitions I try anything, I wouldint say im the worst if i won a few comps.

I would, nah i joke, i love your 50-50 variations......
Important question, if you had to kill one of the older memembers of the irish skate scene who would it be? (and if you dont answer your whole family dies)

I wouldnt kill any skaters.

So you would let your family die, jesus your a horrible person, Moving on, have you noticed how young skaters all have horrible skate styles, who dya think has the best irish skate style?

Its between Fogo And Gav.

Awesome, you ever smoked craic or done heroin yet?


Heroins awesome, vice magazine say its cool. Do you ever read alot of skate pro interviews?

No not really i might look at a magazine once in a while and spot one but not really

Can you read?


Whose your favourite irish skater and your favourite skater overall?

irish is either Cian(Eades) or Gav(Cocklan) or Keith(Wahsl) not sure about Gav actually, and over all its Eric Koston

Are you afraid scientology will not eat Eric Kostons soul like it did Steve Berra's?

no??(Long Pause)

Did you just google scientology?


Good, Anyways, who do you hate most out of scag? Its Martin init?

I dont hate anyone out of scag ??(He's clearly lying, all kids hate Martin).

It says here in my information book about you its Martin. Also says you sneaked into this country in a box.
Anyways any advice to the older skaters who exploit spuds to use for their blog just because their bored and want something to put on their piece of shit blog?(YES VICE MAGAZINE THIS IS GOING SOMEWHERE!)

haha idk(I dont know, lazy fucking kids) dont do it i guess.

Im set in my ways but thanks Andy

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