Monday, October 3, 2011

TTBTITWE: David Flood

Hey Floody
How are you?
Good, whats up?
I was just wondering Floody if you could tell me your top ten best things in the world evers?
I thought you already did this with me beofre(<--- Serious spelling)

Did i?
Or maybe that was Ciaran

Yea you did Ciarans shitty interview thing..
Anyways,my top ten are all just going to be star wars characters...

Well we may aswell find them out in order
several minutes pass...
Jesus Dave c'mon its only fucking Star Wars!!

1.Luke Skywalker
2.Obi wan
3.Darth Vader
5.Plo Koon
6.Boba Fett
7.Han Solo
8.Qui Gon Jinn
9.Lando Calrission

Stoked that Lando is in there.

Guy has serious nigga tre's!
He would have been higher in the list but he betrayed my 7th favourite

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